Detailed Instructions for Using
Cardboard SIH-Style Slip-in Stereo Mounts

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  1. Accurate film cutting is important (though not quite as critical as with the SIV-style).
        Cut between images as accurately as you can. Each film chip should be 5 sprocket holes wide.
  2. Work from the mount's back side. Back side has larger apertures and the film guide channels.
  3. Orient film "face down" (emulsion side up) and insert from either side (inside edge or outside edge).
        For quickest operation, insert top or bottom sprocket hole area, then bend film slightly to insert other edge.
  4. Square film to align it with pocket, and then slide it across.
       Hold film by sprocket area or film edges, or wear a glove to prevent fingerprints.  If your skin is oily and your gloves are thin, you may need to wear two gloves on one hand.
    Note: There will be some manufacturing variance in the ease of sliding.  On some mounts, slight loosening of the two cardboard layers may be required.  This can be easily done with a scrap piece of film.  A five to eight perforation length of film cut from the leader works perfectly.  Instead of putting in the top and the bottom and sliding both simultaneously through the channels, as you would normally do, just slide the film all the way through each channel, one at a time.  You can use more force with the scrap piece of film than you would normally do with a good image
  5. Set the stereo window.
        After both film chips are inserted all the way adjust the film chips' position within the horizontal slack area to achieve the desired stereo window placement.
  6. Film chips can be easily removed by pushing on each chip's center to bend the film until the sprocket hole area comes free of the mount.



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