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At Rocky Mountain Memories we have once again greatly expanded our product offerings. Here's a quick guide to the latest products available now or coming soon!  Some of these items do not yet have their own web page, but they can all be ordered via our order form--or contact us for more information.  

Category Products
Film cutter A nifty film cutter that handles both 35 mm and 120 films, at a great value price.
Cool Tool! We now stock a "paper mount opener" for easily removing slides from heat-sealed cardboard mounts.  Great convenience, and only $10! 
Storage Twin full-frame shooters take note: We now have archival storage pages for single 2x2 mounts.  Top-quality PrintFile pages, HBF style, starting at just $36/hundred.
Handy viewers You can now purchase the popular 41x101 and twin 2x2 stereo viewers from Radex at when you order your mounts and other supplies.
More Popular Books Reel 3-D's "Guide to the Nimslo camera" and "Photographing in 3D" by Burder & Whitehouse are now available from!
Projector Bulbs Replacement projector bulbs for TDC 116, TDC 716, and Brackett stereo projectors.
Educational Materials DrDave's Mounting Video.  Learn how to mount quickly and economically using the popular "RBT- to- Spicer" transfer technique!  David Kesner, photo-3d mounting guru and NSA convention mounting workshop instructor teaches you how in this new video.  Just $25!
PokeScope Monte Ramstad's innovative PokeScope viewer for digital stereo imaging.  Can also be used as a pocket stereoscope for Holmes format cards, and as an alternative to the View Magic PV6x6 for large format side-by-side stereo.
Cornerounder Lassco Cornerounder® for rounding stereo cards or cardboard stereo slide mounts.  1/4" die recommended for cards, 1/8" die for slide mounts.
Viewer Bulbs We have frosted halogen bulbs for use in Red Button and similar stereo viewers.  $6 each.
Photo Accessories Twin cable release (picture), high quality, indistinguishable (except for the packaging) from the Rowi model that carries a $100 suggested retail price, only $50 at Rocky Mountain Memories!

Name brand AA and AAA alkaline batteries, just $.45 each!  Due to very limited quantities available, we request a minimum $20 purchase of other products when ordering these batteries.

Stereo Cameras

Our entry level XA-2 twin rig is no longer in production, but a new superior design featuring master/slave twinning via a custom printed circuit board is available in very limited quantities.  You get many of the advantages of an expensive RBT at a fraction of the cost!

Storage We now have archival protective sleeves for medium format stereo slides (for 80x132 outer dimension mounts), to complement our custom-manufactured PT Pages archival pages for Realist format (41x101) slides.

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