Projection Screens for 3D Slide Projection

Contributed by Michael Kaplan

Here are some sources of projection screens suitable for 3D projection using polarized light. Regular white screens will not work as they will de-polarize the light, destroying the left/right separation.

  1. Da-Lite Picture King. Available through B&H. Made up to 70" x 70" currently. Silver lenticular surface. Grainy image if sitting too close (like in your living room). Fine for large rooms/crowds. Excellent horizontal light distribution.
  2. 1950's vintage flat silver. Check out your antique malls, flea markets and used camera shops. As far as I know, not currently produced in "amateur" folding version. Great for small rooms and controlled seating situations. Limited horizontal light distribution. Excellent detail.
  3. Stewart Filmscreen flat silver. Custom-made. Canvas snaps on to aluminum stand, is stretched flat. 6' x 8' is about $1800. Fair horizontal light distribution. Excellent detail.

Rocky Mountain
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